ABC Book Links gives WA History in brief (lots of links!)

Symbols of WA State

Washington State Apples

Astoria, Oregon & John Jacob Astor

Bering Land Bridge

Harlan Bretz & the Channeled Scabland Theory

George & Isabella Bush: Washington's First Family

Cayuse Indians

Chinook on the Columbia

Coulee Corridor

Dry Falls rivals Niagara Falls (almost!)

Ferry History

Glacier Peak

Hanford, WA: Then & Now

Columbia River Keepers: Hanford Reactor

Western Hemlock

Ice Age: In the Columbia River Gorge

Klondike Gold Rush

Wooly Mammoth

Steelhead Trout

Chapter One: The Far Corner

Geography of Washington

Geology of Washington by Regions

Living in Washington

Netstate: Geography of WA

Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture

Go Northwest! Washington

The Columbia River

National Park Service (USA)

Forest Service: Pacific Northwest Region

Marine Habitats--Aquarium of the Pacific

Chapter Two: Fire & Ice

The Burke Museum: Geology of WA

The Dynamic Earth (Plate Tectonics)

Plate Tectonics Animation

Classroom of the Future: Plate Tectonics

Exploring the Environment: Geological Time

Enchanted Learning... Watch Continental Drift!

PBS and Plate Tectonics

ABC's of Plate Tectonics

Extreme Science does Plate Tectonics

NASA does Plate Tectonics

More than You need to Know about Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift & Geological Time

ThinkQuest does Continental Drift

NASA explains Continental Drift

Mt. Saint Helen's National Volcanic Monument

Mount Saint Helen's Before, During, & After Eruption (1980)

What is Lahar?

Local Glacial Erratics

Kid's Cosmos: Giant Boulders

Washington's Glacial Mountains

Geology of the Columbia Plateau

Chapter Three: American Indians of the Pacific Northwest

The Makah Tribe

The Chinook

The Potlatch

Nova: Mystery of the First Americans

Think Quest: Archeological Adventure

WA Department of Fish & Wildlife

Mr. Donn on Pacific Northwest Coastal Indians

More on Coastal Indians

University of WA American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection

Coast Salish Villages of Puget Sound

Student Work: Northwest Coastal Indians

Maps: Coastal & Plateau Indians

Plateau People

Northwest Native Culture

Homework Help: King County Library System

Chapter Four: The Great Encounter

Captain Robert Gray

Lewis & Clark

More Lewis & Clark (


Hudson Bay Company

Fur Trappers in the Northwest

Chapter Five: Looking West

Fun with Buffalo Dung

People of the West: Narcissa & Marcus Whitman

The Whitman Massacre

Oregon Trail... everything you'd ever want to know??

Prairie Schooners: Wagons of the Oregon Trail

Frontier Experience on the Northwest Coast (with more links at bottom of that page!)

Mullan Road

Chapter Six: Life in Washington Territory

Chief Joseph (includes quotes)

Perspectives on the West: Chief Joseph

Makah Whaling

Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle (includes quotes)

Kamiakin and the Yakima Indian War of 1855

Chapter Seven: Leaving the Frontier Behind

Ghost Towns of Washington

Klondike Gold Rush

Photos from the Gold Rush Days

The Perilous Journey North

The Great Seattle Fire

Northern Pacific Railroad

Events in the West 1880-90

Chapter Eight: Reform, War, & Inventions

Wikipedia on Prohibition

Encarta on Prohibition

American Memory: Women's Suffrage

IWW and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Wikipedia explains the IWW

Everett Massacre (Newspaper articles at the time!)

Everett Massacre (from Everett Public Library)

History Link: Everett Massacre

Red Scare--1918-1921

Boeing: A Brief History

History Link: Anna Louise Strong

Biography of Anna Louise Strong from

Chapter Nine: Hard Times & the Home Front

The Great Depression

History Link: Great Depression

Chapter Ten: Cold War & Civil Rights

Chapter Eleven: Taking Our Place in the World

Chapter Twelve: Making a Living in Washington